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Create a New Mani Repository

Run the following command inside a directory containing your git repositories:

$ mani init

This will generate two files:

  • mani.yaml: contains projects and custom tasks. Any sub-directory that has a .git inside it will be included (add the flag --auto-discovery=false to turn off this feature)
  • .gitignore: includes the projects specified in mani.yaml file

It can be helpful to initialize the mani repository as a git repository so that anyone can easily download the mani repository and run mani sync to clone all repositories and get the same project setup as you.

Commands to Get You Started

# Run arbitrary command (list all files for instance)
mani exec --all-projects 'ls -alh'

# List all repositories
mani list projects

# List repositories in a tree-like format
mani tree projects

# Describe available tasks
mani describe tasks

# Run task for projects that have the frontend tag
mani run list-files --tags frontend

# Run task for projects under a specific directory
mani run list-files --paths work/

# Run task for specific project
mani run list-files --project project-a

# Open up mani.yaml in your preferred editor
mani edit