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mani is under active development. Before v1.0.0, I want to finish the following tasks, some miscellaneous fixes and improve code documentation:

  • Add filter tags/projects/paths for mani sync

  • Add check sub-command

  • Add a way to disable spinner on run/exec sub-commands

  • Bring changes from sake

    • Add auto-complete description for editing/listing/describing projects
    • Refactor import logic and support recursive nesting of tasks
    • Improve themes (prefix for text output)
    • Fix correct exit code for tasks
    • Remove commands and put functionality in cmd property which will accepts string or list of tasks/cmds
    • Add flag ignore-errors and any-errors-fatal
  • Update documentation

    • markdown docs
    • manpage
  • Improve output

    • Add new table format output (tasks in 1st column, output in 2nd, one table per server)
    • Add new format output (tasks in column, project output in row)
  • Improve tasks

    • Return correct error exit codes when running tasks
      • serial playbook
      • parallel playbook
    • Omit certain tasks from auto-completion and/or being called directly (mainly tasks which are called by other tasks)
    • Repress certain task output if exit code is 0, otherwise displayed
    • Summary of task execution at the end
    • Pass environment variables between tasks
    • Access exit code of the previous task
    • Conditional task execution
    • Tags/servers filtering launching different comands on different projects #6
    • Ensure command (check existence of file, software, etc.)
    • on-error/on-success task execution
    • Cleanup task that is always ran
    • Log task execution to a file
    • Abort if certain env variables are not present (required envs)
    • Add --step mode flag or config setting to prompt before executing a task
    • Add yaml to command mapper
    • Add task aliases
    • Add project/task dependency (dependsOn), to wait for certain projects to finish before starting tasks for other projects


After v1.0.0, focus will be directed to implementing a tui for mani. The idea is to create something similar to k9s, where you have can peruse your projects, tasks, and tags via a tui, and execute tasks for selected projects.